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Last night I spent a hunk of time at Helen’s with some expat friends. Helen’s is a Western-style restaurant and bar with hamburgers, pizzas, pastas, and a variety of other western foods. The food is really good actually, and is … Continue reading

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The Great Wall

I just got back from a short retreat in the mountains with some friends. We stayed in a Nong Jia Yuan (peasant/farm-house style motel) in a small farming village on the top of a hill overlooking a valley. The first … Continue reading

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Salty Grapes

I just got back from the supermarket. I bought something that looked like plump raisins coated with sugar (like in a box of raisin bran). After tasting them and looking up the Hanzi (Chinese characters) on the package, I realized … Continue reading

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I’ve been in China about a month now. And the inevitable has come: a haircut. There are plenty of barber shops and hair stylists around, so finding some place to get my hair cut is no problem at all. The problem is … Continue reading

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