Recently, everybody has been running to the store to buy salt. While I don’t usually buy salt- there is enough in the foods I eat already- I have heard stories about the salt being bought out because so many people are buying it. My teacher was telling me she had to go to several different stores before finally finding salt at a very expensive import store- everywhere else was sold out! This is largely because of the scare of nuclear radiation from the plant in Japan 1500 miles away. (Don’t worry though. The government put out a report saying radiation levels are normal and the wind is blowing to America, away from China.) If you would like to read a really good article that explains this salt phenomenon, and the deeper issues behind it, then click here: Political trust, not something to be taken with a grain of salt…


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I am a college-age business student who loves going places and doing things. Hopefully this blog will capture something of the love for the life I've been given by an overflowing Creator.
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