What a Deal!

So, my (State-side) school just sent me an email, letting me know that as a loyal and patriotic student, I am required to buy a meal plan. As a commuting senior, this is what my meal plan costs:

Commuter Students: Dining Funds Dining Fee Total Cost/Semester
(60+ credits earned) 
$100 $95 $195

I can than use the $100 in dining funds to go buy their food at a %20 discount. So I responded to them with the following message:


Wow! What a deal! You guys take only $195*, and in return, give me $125** worth of food! Amazing! I’ll have to try starting my own restaurant on that pricing plan!


*As a senior commuter, this is the required amount
**$100 with a 20% discount is equal to $125 with no discount

I am quite curiously awaiting their reply.


About josiahtravels

I am a college-age business student who loves going places and doing things. Hopefully this blog will capture something of the love for the life I've been given by an overflowing Creator.
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One Response to What a Deal!

  1. Joy says:

    I wouldn’t reply.
    woh. sorry. but it is amuzing

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