Back (Home?)

Oh America! Land of fattening foods and convenient drivethroughs. Land of lots of land and, well, not that many people. Driving around in a private little car some 50 miles just for random errands. Can’t see my neighbor’s house because my family owns enough land to fit several xiao qu‘s, a night market, five different noodle shops, and a public park. Well, I guess that’s just part of country life. I’ve found that my family eats very little fruits and vegatables. And we eat tons of sugary substances. But I have enjoyed interacting with the locals here. I think I have a new appreciation for the local man. I always took interest in people in China, complete strangers who came from such interesting and different backgrounds and cultures than I. But I am finding fascinating to come back and realize that America has a myriad of interesting people as well. Like, I walk into my local bank, and the teller is having a full length converstaion with the drive through lady, telling her whole life story. And I’m an insider, that is, as long as I can pull off the accent. And the accents sometimes about make me laugh. I mean, I can pull it off, cause I grew up hearing it (speaking it?), but being gone for a year and then coming back, the southern accent is hitting me so strong I sometimes think people are messing around for fun, but then I realize they aint! Them just talk that way! I love the good ol’ South, but of course will be happy to return to Minnesota. Wonder if I’ll have a southern accent by then?


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I am a college-age business student who loves going places and doing things. Hopefully this blog will capture something of the love for the life I've been given by an overflowing Creator.
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3 Responses to Back (Home?)

  1. Hay, I’m won of dem localz ewe speek uv! Well not really I’m a native New Yawka with a really weird mix of accents. You, on the other hand, have never really had an accent, youve just always spoken “Josiah” .
    I hate that you are leaving but love that you’re smack dab in the middle of God’s will for your life! (call it a love/hate relationship) We can always stay in touch through phone, facebook, word press, twitter, skype, text…I could go on but you get the point (which is STAY IN TOUCH…and I’ll try and do the same)

    • I was mostly thinking about my local bank friends, they had the strongest accent. The funny thing is, I kinda start talkin like them when I’m talkin with them. I will definitely stay in touch though and hopefully continue blogging as well (maybe).

  2. Joy says:

    haha A Leake without that southern drawl!? Woah! :-p
    Really enjoyed this entertaining post, BTW. How’s MN? Any culture shock returning to the States besides accents and fruits and veggies?

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