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Back (Home?)

Oh America! Land of fattening foods and convenient drivethroughs. Land of lots of land and, well, not that many people. Driving around in a private little car some 50 miles just for random errands. Can’t see my neighbor’s house because … Continue reading

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Hot and Muggy (and “on fire”)

I’m making my way back to the States, so Saturday I took the train from west to east China. I went to bed (on the train) to a beautiful sunset, clear skies spotted with clouds, and no haze, and woke … Continue reading

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Stuck to Your Country of Birth?

So, as I was reading the China Is Complicated article, I ran across this interesting quote, as told by Hu Xijin: “A friend of mine told me another story. One of his friends was rich and wanted to go to the US, … Continue reading

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Mixed Race Chinese

Interesting article from the Global Times. Some background, every Chinese citizen is categorized by ethnicity, with one majority (90+% Han) and 55 minorities. Not all are treated equal: Attention Parents of mixed Chinese kids (We need to maintain purity in all our … Continue reading

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Caroling Trash Collector

The garbage trucks here play Christmas carols and sound like ice cream trucks as they make their way across town. I’m not kidding, I just heard the tune of “We wish you a Merry Christmas!”

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Worker Conditions

I just read a great news story on the lives of a few migrant employees in some factories in China. It portrays well the conditions and struggles faced by those who leave the countryside in search of a better future. Waking … Continue reading

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Kabobs, Coffee, and Competition

So here’s something you don’t see too often (but then again, this is China): people ordering food from the hole-in-the-wall restaurant on one side of the street and having it delivered to the cafe on the other side of the street … Continue reading

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