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Retire Early, and Travel the World

Want to retire in 10 years and travel the world? Here’s how: Continue reading

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Homeless and Happy

I am one of the many homeless, unemployed Americans wandering the streets of Minneapolis, looking for a handout and a place to lay my head. I may not look it, and it may come as a surprise to some. I do … Continue reading

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What a Deal!

So, my (State-side) school just sent me an email, letting me know that as a loyal and patriotic student, I am required to buy a meal plan. As a commuting senior, this is what my meal plan costs: Commuter Students: Dining … Continue reading

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Learn Language Fast

Wow! I just wasted three years and lots of money trying to learn Chinese when I could have learned in just ten days for ten dollars! How to Learn a Language in Just Ten Days

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Cooking Chinese

So, I finally made (what I would consider) a successful Chinese dish. I have often tried to make a Potato and Green Pepper fried dish, but only based on similar dishes I’d only eaten. So I finally got a Chinese … Continue reading

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The Other Side

Febraury 17 was Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵节), or Lantern Festival. Come dark, everybody started lighting off firecrackers, fireworks, and other loud exploding things in celebration. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else amidst the cacophony, I went … Continue reading

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China’s Migrant Workers

An interesting article on one worker from the villages… China’s annual long march

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