Stuck to Your Country of Birth?

So, as I was reading the China Is Complicated article, I ran across this interesting quote, as told by Hu Xijin: “A friend of mine told me another story. One of his friends was rich and wanted to go to the US, so my friend said, ‘You will always be Chinese even in America, and you will always rely on China. If China gets better your status will rise, if not, you will be more miserable, as you won’t be accepted in that society. It’s better for you to stay in China than to go abroad because you are destined to always be Chinese. If the China boat starts to leak, we can repair it and keep sailing to a destination before it sinks.’ Every one of us should take this attitude.”

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Mixed Race Chinese

Interesting article from the Global Times. Some background, every Chinese citizen is categorized by ethnicity, with one majority (90+% Han) and 55 minorities. Not all are treated equal: Attention Parents of mixed Chinese kids (We need to maintain purity in all our exports)

Note 1: The Global Times is “your key to understanding China’s changes. Founded in April 2009, the paper is one of the most dynamic players among Chinese media, and has rapidly become the major English newspaper in the nation.” For a great example of their pristine and objective reporting, check out this wonderful article: China is complicated.

Note 2: The China Daily also offers similar coverage.

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To Hike a Mountain

Yesterday morning, by boss texted me, wondering if us two interns wanted to go hiking, instead of work. Of course I said yes, and so a little after 8 in the morning we searched a map for tall peaks in the area. We found one that was only an hour out and stood at about 4,400 meters, or 14,400 feet. We drove towards it, and finally came as close as the road would allow, at a little under 10,000 feet. We figured that the tallest peak was the one on the right, but decided to make our accent from the left, and ride the ridge to the top.

The scenery and grasslands around us were absolutely stunning. The mountain side was covered in flowers and small evergreen plants, as well as yak, sheep, and goats. We even got to chat with a couple of different shepherds. Continue reading

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Caroling Trash Collector

The garbage trucks here play Christmas carols and sound like ice cream trucks as they make their way across town. I’m not kidding, I just heard the tune of “We wish you a Merry Christmas!”

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My New Stomping Grounds

Just a few pics from my neck of the woods:

The view from my bedroom window. Me and my roommate actually hiked up the mountains on the other side of our place (we're kinda surrounded). They are very dry and dusty, with a few random caves and canyons, so it was quite an adventure.

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Office View

Today is beautiful and blue. This is from my office window.

Office View

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Of All the Seasons

I have now experienced China in all the seasons. Now that I have moved on, I thought it would be a good time to post a snapshot of TJ in each season:

Summer. I had just arrived, fresh off the plane. TJ was hot and sticky.

TJ in Summer

Fall. I went up to the Great Wall in Jixian County and the colors were starting to turn.

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